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Remote Assistance


The vast majority of the issues our clients encounter may be solved within moments.  They simply don't know where to begin looking to address their concerns.  We offer remote assistance services that grant us only temporary access to your device, resulting in faster solutions without robbing your system of resources.

Peace of Mind and Privacy Are Our Top Priorities:

Prices may vary depending upon complexity of request and additional requirements.

We offer both hourly rates, as well as discounted monthly rates to meet longer term support requirements.

System Maintenance


After substantial use, our devices become clogged with programs and applications that we rarely use. Over time, this software not only hogs resources, but depletes vital storage space as well.  We can help you streamline the data on your device to make it run as smoothly as possible.

Cloud Computing Guidance


Life is messy.  There is no better way to ensure the protection of your vital data than to back it up in the cloud.  We can provide knowledgeable access to a wide variety of backup services, as well as assist in file organization.

Total Backup and Restoral


No matter how much you may be struggling, returning a device to its factory default settings is the most surefire way to ensure your product is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.  AATS can assist in the backup of all your important data, and reintroduce it into a fully restored system.

Cyber Security Consulting


Cyber criminals are perpetually evolving their tactics in order to exploit vulnerabilities that leads to the compromise of data security. We can help advise you on the secure practices you need to engage in necessary to minimize the threats posed by would-be attackers.

Virus/Malware Removal


Despite diligent efforts, viruses and other malware can manage to infiltrate even the most secure systems.  AATS can help isolate, quarantine, and successfully remove these security threats, while ensuring measures are taken to prevent future infection.

Services We Can Provide

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